Microbiological Analysis of Water System Flow Chart


Fill up REQUEST FOR ANALYSIS form at the public assistance desk located at SANWAD Main Office (#03 Carreon St. Centro East, Santiago City)

Proceed to the CASHIER and pay the necessary fees.

Collect water sample following the Sampling Procedure given and immediately bring the sample to SANWAD Water Laboratory (SANWAD Water Treatment Plant Mabini, Santiago City) or place in ice box if travel tie will exceed 6 hours.

Submission of water samples: Monday-Friday (8am-12noon only) at SANWAD Water Laboratory. Water samples should be submitted and processed within 24 hours from the tome of collection.

Present Official Receipt at SANWAD Water Laboratory. Sign on the Issuance of Results Logbook to signify acceptance of RESULT.


Customer Service Representative shall check request form and issue CHARGE SLIP to the client.

The cashier shall accept payment and issue Office Receipt to the client attached to Request for Analysis form.

Issue the Sterilized Sampling Bottle & Sampling Procedure (Steps in collecting water sample for Microbiological Examination).

Laboratory personnel on duty shall Accept Water Sample presented. Put labels on the sample for proper identification and record important details. Results will be released after 5 working days.

Release Results of the Bacteriological Examination. Let the client acknowledge receipt therof by letting the client Sign on the Issuance of Results Logbook.