Workflow Management


The Administrative Division is the backbone of the SANWAD Organization. It supports all offices/divisions in terms of human resources, equipment, facilities, materials, property and general services. It comes into play ensuring that every need in the daily operation of SANWAD is available.

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The COMMERCIAL DIVISION oversees the District’s needs in term of its commercial transactions.  It is responsible in the maximum generation of funds from the goods/services that it offers; preserve or improve the District’s procedures and policies while sticking to business and regulatory guidelines; develops and implements strategic marketing plans achieve the District’s objectives for customer satisfaction and excellent service.

SANWAD’s Commercial Division is composed of 3 sections namely: (1) BILLING (2) COLLECTION and (3) CUSTOMER CARE/MARKETING.

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Engineering Division Accountability: It is responsible for maintaining the optimal and effective operation of all transmission, distribution pipelines and consumers’ service lines during normal operational conditions as well as in unforeseen or emergency situations. It is also responsible for maintaining and ensuring good water quality in the distribution system mitigating the hazard of tampering, vandalism and opportunities for microbial and chemical contamination.

Engineering Division Mission Statement: To operate and maintain the Santiago Water District distribution system in the most efficient and innovative way while protecting the public’s health and safety by providing potable and sufficient supply of water.

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The Finance Division of Santiago Water District is responsible in Financial Reporting and Interpretation and Cash Management. Its major functions involve managing receipt and deposit of all monies of SANWAD and accounting and recordkeeping of financial transactions necessary for the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements for use of internal as well as external decision-makers in compliance with the following:

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The Production Division is responsible for the production, water treatment, distribution and ensuring sufficient quantity of potable water for its consumers. It is likewise responsible for maintaining and improving the District’s Water Treatment Plant, Fourteen (14) Pumping Stations, and four (4) Elevated Reservoirs for its continued reliable and efficient operation.

It is supervised by the Production Division Manager who is responsible for the direction, supervision, management and control of all its personnel, likewise for the smooth operation and maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant Facilities, supplies, treatment, storage and distribution of potable water.

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