As mandated by the Department of Health’s Administrative Order 2014-0027 which declares the development and implementation of Water Safety Plan (WSP) by all drinking-water service providers and as required by the Local Water Utilities Administration Memorandum Circular No. 010-14, the SANWAD management created an 18-man WSP Team which will develop a Water Safety Plan.

The WSP focuses on monitoring the safety of water from its source to SANWAD’s consumer taps. This compromises the protection of water   treatment plant, pumps and reservoirs from risks that will endanger the quality of being delivered to consumers.

Specifically, this plan aims to;

  • Ensure the safety quality of supplied water from its reservoirs to the tap of every home in the City of Santiago;
  • Prevent contamination of water by identifying potential risks and addressing these risks quickly and effectively with appropriate control measures;
  • Provide policies and procedures to maintain quantity and quality of service even during adverse conditions;
  • Facilitate decision-making on critical issues in a potentially stressful environment and define responsibilities and roles during emergency situation; and
  • Provide procedures for using the lessons gained following every emergency or unforeseen event to guarantee that every hazard and issues are covered and will not recur in the future.